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Saturday April 13, 2013
Start: 20:00

Tomoko Sauvage
Tomoko Sauvage - waterbowls

Pierre Borel - saxophone
Johnny Chang - viola
Hannes Lingens - snare drum
Morten J. Olsen - bass drum
Nils Ostendorf - trumpet
Derek Shirley - double bass

Frank Gratkowski - alto saxophone
Matthias Schubert - tenor saxophone

+ Exhibition by Michal Fuchs & Nicolas Lefort


exhibition opens 20:00!!!

supported by:
Bezirksamt Pankow
Konzert des deutschen Musikrates  

Wednesday April 17, 2013
Start: 21:00

Konzert Minimal presents “Ochitsuite”, written by Radu Malfatti especially for the ensemble and Dutch pianist/composer, Dante Boon. Plus new composition by Johnny Chang based on / in reference to “Ochitsuite”.


Friday April 19, 2013
Start: 20:00

Ein Abend mit Lesungen von Eberhard Häfner, Sergey Moreino (auf Russisch und Deutsch) und Ron Winkler.

Geöffnet ab 20:00 Uhr, Beginn um 21:00 Uhr.

Saturday April 20, 2013
Start: 20:30
End: 21:00

Magda Mayas - Piano
Heddy Boubaker - Modular synth
Clayton Thomas - Doublebass

Vojtech Prochazka - piano, organ, synths, electronics
Adrian Myhr - electric bass
Tore Sandbakken - drums, percussions

Doors 20:30 / start 21:00

Wednesday April 24, 2013
Start: 20:30

Vinyl Terror and Horror
Greta Christensen – modified turntables, electronics
Camilla Sørensen – modified turntables, electronics

(Fake) The Facts
dieb13 – turntables, cigar box
Mats Gustafsson – soprano, slide and tenor sax, live electronics
Martin Siewert – guitars, ring stinger, electronics

Friday April 26, 2013
Start: 20:00

Erster Abend des Festivals "Alter Schwede!":

Pär Thörn (Text / Live-Elektronik)
Helena Jureén (Schreibmaschine / Live-Elektronik)

Andrea Ermke (mini discs / Mischpult)
Anders Lindsjö (Gitarre)

Andrzej Tichý (Text)
Axel Dörner (Trompete)

Geöffnet ab 20 Uhr, Beginn um 21 Uhr.

Eintritt (inklusive Festivalreader): EUR 8 / erm. EUR 6.

Saturday April 27, 2013
Start: 20:00

Zweiter Abend des Festivals "Alter Schwede!":

Cia Rinne

Burkhard Beins (Live-Elektronik)
Johan  Jönson (Text)

Lesung und Performance:
Ida Börjel & Uljana Wolf
"method acting mit Anna O."

Hanna Hartman
for 33 amplified threaded rods

Geöffnet ab 20 Uhr, Beginn um 21 Uhr.

Sunday April 28, 2013
Start: 19:30

Dritter Abend des Festivals "Alter Schwede!".
Geöffnet ab 19:30 Uhr, Beginn um 20:30 Uhr.

Tisha Mukarji (Piano)
Martin Küchen (Saxophone)

Mats Lindström solo (Live-Elektronik / Licht)

Lesung & Performance
Sven-Åke Johansson

Wednesday May 1, 2013
Start: 20:00
End: 21:00




I. 8 Track Magic (manipulated 8 Track tapes)
II. electronic IMPROvisation
III. Conrad Schnitzler CONcert

Friday May 3, 2013
Start: 20:30

Paul Valery Project
Eric Thielemans – percussion; Tisha Mukarji – piano, video; Christian Kesten – voice; Johnny Chang – viola; Lucio Capece – bass clarinet, video, concept

The Sealed Knot
Burkhard Beins – percussion; Rhodri Davies – harp; Mark Wastell – double bass

Sunday May 5, 2013
Start: 20:00

Live in Concert: HELVED RÜM (Paris)

doors 20:00h, concert starts 21:00h

Thursday May 9, 2013
Start: 20:00

ein choreographiertes Konzert von und mit Nancy Banfi, Bruno Pocheron, Marcello Silvio Busato,  Gearóid Ua Laoghaire, Michelangelo Contini. attention! doors open 20:00, performance starts 20:30, no late entrance.

Saturday May 11, 2013
Start: 20:00

Emitter Micro Festival
A reduced festival of sound and more...
Night 3

Udo Noll - "specular surfaces"
Peter Cusack - Talk - "Favorite Berlin Sounds"
Kim Cascone “Dark Stations”
Louis Laurain - Trumpet

doors 20:00 / start 20:30 - Entrance 9€

Sunday May 12, 2013
Start: 21:00

Following the series of "maybe we just want to...", Raliza and Mélodie offer a selection of erotic songs and poems.

Wednesday May 15, 2013
Start: 20:30

Burkhard Beins - Percussion, Objects
Andrea Neumann - Inside Piano, Mixer
Valerio Tricoli - Reel To Reel Tape Recorder

Olaf Rupp - Acoustic Guitar

Thursday May 16, 2013
Start: 20:30

Lucio Capece Solo, Pendulums and sine waves in different tuning systems

Valerio Tricoli Solo, Revox

The Pitch plays Liquid Quartet Music
Boris Baltschun, Electric Pump Organ, Function Generators
Koen Nutters, Bass
Morten J. Olsen, Vibraphone
Michael Thieke, Clarinet

Hanno Leichtmann, vinyls

Saturday May 18, 2013
Start: 20:30

one duo plus one trio...

...all the way from Australia:

James Rushford (violin / electronics)
Joe Talia (electronics)
(new record: "manmhunter" / Kye rec.)

...from 3 other directions:


Julyen Hamilton (piano)
Miles Perkin (double bass)
Roy Carroll (computer, loudspeakers)

Doors 20:30h, concerts 21:30h.


Wednesday May 29, 2013
Start: 19:30
End: 20:00

For the 3rd year in a row, the french structure Trempolino organised a workshop in Berlin on electronic musics.
10 French musicians, gathered together by musician Mathias Delplanque, spent 10 days meeting with figures such as Bernd Friedman, Frank Bretschneider, Nick Meehan and Robert Lippok.

They'll share with you their experience and perform publicly in ausland under the direction of Robert Lippok before heading back to France.

Entrance free

Doors open at 19:30, performance starts at 20:00

Friday May 31, 2013
Start: 21:00

live in concert:

Dirk Dresselhaus / Reinhold Friedl

doors 21:00h, concert 22:00h.


Saturday June 1, 2013
Start: 22:00

"Don't give up - you can dance!" is a new series of dancemusic beyond style at ausland once a month hosted by The Vulva String Quartett a.k.a. Hanno Leichtmann. The VSQ will invite fancy people every night to play out the finest electronic music for your dancing pleasure.

Special guest tonight: Bleed (De:Bug / UR Wedding)

Doors & start = 22:00h

Wednesday June 5, 2013
Start: 21:00

Two voices, two guitars, two solo concerts:

Thalia Zedek (Thrill Jockey / Boston)

Asi Föcker (Berlin)

Doors 21:00h, concert 21:30h.

Friday June 7, 2013
Start: 10:30

Workshop with Barre Philips

Solo playing in improvised music

Workshop designed for the advancement of the musician as an individual

10.30 am – 12.30 pm


Start: 20:30

Trio LDP
Urs Leimgruber – saxophone
Jacques Demierre – piano
Barre Philips – double bass
+ Guests:
Okkyung Lee – cello
Axel Dörner – trumpet

Werner Dafeldecker – audio, diffusion
Guillaume Cailleau – live video, diffusion

Saturday June 8, 2013
Start: 20:30

Encounter Culture is a new initiative to open live debate between European cities.

Encounter Culture #1: European "Non-Jazz"

The “European Non-Jazz” theme, with its focus on contemporary life in Paris and Berlin, offers many questions for a potentially controversial debate about the practice of improvised-jazz in Europe.

Axel Dörner - trumpet
Hilary Jeffery - trombone
Benjamin Duboc - double bass
Yorgos Dimitriadis - drums

Maxi Sickert - journalist (Die ZEIT, Tagesspiegel, RBB) and expert for jazz and improvised music

Discussion moderator:
Mathias Maschat - musicologist

Sunday June 9, 2013
Start: 19:00

Olaf Schmidt

Conny Bauer (Posaune)
Miriam Siebenstädt (Saxophon)
Gast: Zhenja Oks (Kammerlieder)

Geöffnet ab 19 Uhr, Beginn um 20 Uhr.

Tuesday June 11, 2013
Start: 20:00

paper & iron booking presents:

Masha Qrella (Berlin / Morr Music)

felisie aka Mayumi Hasegawa (Japan / Teto Records / miaou)

doors 20:00 Uhr - concert 21:00 Uhr.

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