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After nearly 15 years, this website is being decommissioned. For a while, this old version will still be reachable, but it will no longer show reliable information about events at ausland,
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Thursday June 29, 2017
Start: 20:00

More and less wired – Physical connections in electronic music
Nur (Cairo - Egypt) / Vanessa Gageos (Berlin - DE)
An investigation into the different ways people are connected to music.

Friday June 30, 2017
Start: 20:00

She Tales is a collective screening from both past and present female members of LaborBerlin.


Sunday July 23, 2017
Start: 21:30
End: 22:30

raudio aasland // seriesOUTBOUND :: more or less wired

raudio aasland explores the latest installment of Outbound with this month's featured artists Nur and Vanessa Gageos. What does it mean for us human beings as things become more (and/or potentially less) wired? Sound, technology, people, places, and how we fit within it all ...

Friday August 25, 2017
Start: 23:00

ausland joins this year's edition of Pop-Kultur Festival at Kulturbrauerei for a talk about our experiences in 15 years of cultural production as a collective.
Check out details and the overall festival programme over here:

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