Ingrid Schmoliner

Ingrid Schmoliner photo Thomas Plattner

The pianist and vocal artist Ingrid Schmoliner lives and works as a freelance musician, composer, curator and pedagogue in Vienna. Starting even before and during her classical education at the Carinthian State Conservatory in Klagenfurth (AT) where she majored in piano, Ingrid Schmoliners music has been influenced by her interest in improvised, experimental and contemporary music. Due to her manifold education and specialization in the fields of vocal training, overtone singing, jazz vocals and yodeling she was invited to sing as guest soloist at the opera in Graz (AT) in collaboration with the South-Tyrolean composer Hannes Kerschbaumer in the contemporary opera “BUIO”. In the choir composition „MUATA ERDN“ for 8 choir groups, 3 conductors, percussion, und alto solo under the direction of Franz Jochum the Styrian composer Denovaire wrote the alto solo for Ingrid Schmoliner. Artistically she moves in the genres of new music, experimental-improvised music, avant-garde music, free jazz, folk fusion and folk music. A further focus of her work is on the interdisciplinary collaboration with dancers, choreographers, and video artists.

2013_ grant for music from carinthia
2011_ scholarship from the cultural ministery of Austria

_ карлицы сюита released 2014 at Corvo Records (
_ PARAphore released 2014 at Listen Closely (
_ WATUSSI released 2013 at Listen Closely (
_ PARAligo released 2012 at Creative Sources (
_ Flaechten released 2009 at Ostblock (
Ingrid Schmoliner initiated projects such as:
WATUSSI with Pascal Niggenkemper (GER/FR) and Joachim Badenhorst (BE)
_LP/CD Watussi
PARA Trio together with the musicians Thomas Stempkowski (AT), Elena Kakaliagou (GR)
_CD PARAligo
_CD PARAphore
„Kollektiv –TARO“ together with the musicians Matthias Erian (AT), Martin Schönlieb (AT),
Joachim Badenhorst (BE);
Luíss together with the dancer_choreographer_video artist Riikka Theresa Innanen (FL) and the musicians Elena Kakaliagou (GR), Matthias Erian (AT);
with the dancer_choreographer Enikö Buday (HU) and the film maker Sara Scerhalmi (HU)
Duo - bist biss together with the musician and composer Pia Palme (A)
Duo with the musician Petr Vrba (CZ)
Duo with Elena Kakaliagou

As a curator and co-founder:
_2010_ Festival „New-Adits“ an annual festival for contemporary music in Carinthia
_2011_ monthly concert series in the performance space Raum_4 presenting contemporary music in the chamber
_2010 „Association Flechtwerk“ Association for the promotion of art and communication
_2012 Association „Raum_4“ Association for the promotion of networks in the field of art.
Collaboration with the cinematography artists Michael und Natalie Zimmerman (USA)
contributing the film music for the documentary movie „close the eyes“

She concerted with musicians such as Don Robinson (USA), Xu Fengxia (CN), Clayton Thomas (AU), Thomas Berghammer (A), Marco Eneidi (USA), Susanna Gartmayer (A), Peter Kutin (A), Sophie Reyer (A), Iren Kepl (A), Pamela Kurstin (USA), Diego Mune (AR), Christian Rainer (A), Frantz Loriot (FR), Pascal Niggenkemper (GE), etc.

Kakaliagou/Schmoliner + Okuda/Vandeweyer

3 Mar 2017 - 20:30

Kakaliagou / Schmoliner: Ingrid Schmoliner – prepared piano, voice; Elena Kakaliagou – french horn, voice

Metal Illusion: Rieko Okuda – piano, keyboard, viola, puppets, lights; Els Vandeweyer – vibraphone, trash guitar, puppets, lights