Michael Thieke

Michael Thieke 
clarinet | composer/performer
*1971 in Düsseldorf/D , lives in Berlin and Rome

Michael Thieke is currently involved in a number of projects which focus on diverse and contrasting facets of his musical interest. They reach from song based bands, outer jazz areas, totally composed material to projects with the concentration on the silent noises and sounds. 
Some of his current Projects are: Michael Thieke Unununium (with Luca Venitucci acc/p, Eric Schaefer dr, Derek Shirley b, CD on charhizma), The International Nothing (with Kai Fagaschinski cl, CD on ftarri), The Magic  I.D. (with Christof Kurzmann, Kai Fagaschinski, Margareth Kammerer, CD on ErstPop), Hotelgäste (with Derek Shirley b, Dave Bennett g, CD on schraum), Nickendes Perlgras (with Michael Anderson tp, Eric Schaefer dr, CD on JHM and Konnex),  TGW  (with Christian Weber b, Michael Griener dr, CD on ayler records), Spirit Songs (with Mike Cooper voc/g, Elio Martusciello el, Fabrizio Spera dr, Luca Venitucci acc/el.), Roman Tics (with Burkhard Beins, Luca Venitucci, CD on Cathnor).

He played on festivals such as Angelica (Bologna/I 2008), Moers Festival (Moers/D 2008), Controindicazione (Rome/I 2008), Donaueschinger Musiktage (Donaueschingen/D 2007), Jazz a Mulhouse (Mulhouse/F 2007), Standard:Abweichung (Marburg/D 2007), Risonanze (Venezia/I 2007), Ahornfelder Festival (Leipzig/D 2007), Stuttgarter Jazztage (Stuttgart/D 2007), Music Unlimited (Wels/A 2006), ZJFT (Groningen/NL 2006), Contemporaneamente (Lodi/I 2006), Festival de la Cité (Lausanne/CH 2005), Jazz em Agosto (Lisbon/P 2005), International Jazz Festival Münster  (Münster/D 2005), Jazz Focus (Berlin/D 2003), Festival Brugge (Brugge/B 2002), Kryptonale (Berlin/D 2002), Konstanzer Jazzherbst (Konstanz/D 2002), Wintersongs (Cologne/D 2001), In Planten und Blomen (Hamburg/D 2000).

Maggie, Kai, Micha & Christof

24 Nov 2005 - 22:00

biegungen77: KAI FAGASCHINSKI + MARGARETH KAMMERER + CHRISTOF KURZMANN + MICHAEL THIEKE kai fagaschinski | clarinet margareth kammerer | voice, guitar christof kurzmann | g3, omnicord, voice, saxophon michael thieke | clarinet


5 Nov 2006 - 21:30
Wolke is immer 5

WOLKE IS IMMER 5 Margareth Kammerer | voice & guitar Kai Fagaschinski | clarinet Christof Kurzmann | lloopp, omnichord & voice Michael Thieke | clarinet


7 Nov 2007 - 21:00
magic id

THE MAGIC I.D. (Berlin) Margareth Kammerer | vocals & guitar Christof Kurzmann | lloopp, devices & vocals Kai Fagaschinski | clarinet Michael Thieke | clarinet http://www.myspace.com/themagicid + TANGTYPE (Brüssel) Jean-Francois Brohee |

Hotelgäste and Gascia Ouzounian

17 Apr 2009 - 21:30
17 Apr 2009 - 23:59


michael thieke - klarinette,
alt saxophon, zither und amplified bottom resonator

derek shirley - contrabass,clarinet

dave bennett - electric gui

Cowards bend the knee: Thieke/Cooper/Venitucci

27 May 2009 - 21:00

Cowards bend the knee

-live music with the film of Guy Maddin-

Michael Thieke [clarinet, sax, zither]

Mike Cooper [guitar]

Luca Venitucci [accordio

The Magic I.D.

22 Nov 2009 - 21:00
The Magic I.D. / photo by Gianmarco Bresadola / treatment by Marion Gerth

kai fagaschinski | clarinet
margareth kammerer | vocals & guitar
christof kurzmann | lloopp, devices & vocals
michael thieke | clarinet


echtzeitmusiktage - in exile/home again#3 / jazz#2

19 Sep 2010 - 21:00

in exile/home again #3

Aleks Kolkowski (gramophones, violin)

is there a thing called jazz #2

Michael Thieke (reeds)
Christian Weber (double bass)
Michael Griener (drums)

The International Nothing

6 Oct 2010 - 20:30
The International Nothing (tin) - Kai Fagaschinski & Michael Thieke

kai fagaschinski | Klarinette, Komposition
michael thieke |
Klarinette, Komposition

Uraufführungen & Record Release

bend/break 2010

24 Nov 2010 - 21:00
the pitch

bend/break 2010

Program on Wednesday,  24.11.10

Bogan Ghost:
Liz Allbee & Anthea Caddy
Robin Hayward Tuba Solo

Splitter Orchester @ Radialsystem V

27 Nov 2010 - 21:00
Radialsystem V
Splitter Orchester, Photo by Tania Kelley

Splitter Orchester at Radialsystem V

Split Seconds

a night of new composition, improvisation and the instant of invention

enjoy the full 24 piece orchestra

Wiik- Thieke - Borghini

30 Oct 2011 - 20:30
Der Lange Schatten / Wiik- Thieke - Borghini

Havard Wiik - piano
Michael Thieke - clarinet/alto saxophone
Antonio Borghini - bass

The International Nothing (... and something)

14 Dec 2011 - 21:00
The International Nothing in Parg

The International Nothing (... and something)
Kai Fagaschinski | Klarinette
Michael Thieke | Klarinette
Christian Weber | Kontrabass
Eric Schaefer | Schlagzeug, Perkussion

Konzert des Deutschen Musikrates

A Couple of Couples

20 May 2012 - 21:00
The International Nothing // Barbara Romen und Gunter Schneider

The International Nothing
Kai Fagaschinski – Klarinette, Komposition
Michael Thieke – Klarinette, Komposition

Helmut Lachenmann: Salut für Caudwell - für zwei Gitarristen (1977)
Barbara Romen – Gitarre
Gunter Schneider – Gitarre

Gefördert durch die Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.

Capece/Tricoli/The Pitch/Leichtmann

16 May 2013 - 20:30
The Pitch ©David Helbich

Lucio Capece Solo, Pendulums and sine waves in different tuning systems

Valerio Tricoli Solo, Revox

The Pitch plays Liquid Quartet Music
Boris Baltschun, Electric Pump Organ, Function Generators
Koen Nutters, Bass
Morten J. Olsen, Vibraphone
Michael Thieke, Clarinet

Hanno Leichtmann, vinyls

Mallozzi Thieke Vorfeld/Rupp Müller Fischerlehner

22 Sep 2013 - 20:00
Mallozzi Thieke Vorfeld / Rupp Müller Fischerlehner

Lou Mallozzi - turntables/electronics
Michael Thieke - clarinet
Michael Vorfeld - drums

Olaf Rupp - electric guitar
Mathias Müller - trombone
Rudi Fischerlehner - drums

Hundeschule: Øyvind Torvund + Splitter Orchester

1 Nov 2013 - 20:00

Work-in-Progress: Konzertpräsentation und Gespräch


1. Gespräch mit Øyvind Torvund und Mitgliedern des Splitterorchesters - Moderation: Mathias Maschat
2. Konzertpräsentation mit Splittergruppe I : Anthea Caddy, Axel Dörner, Hillary Jeffery, Simon J. Phillips, Michael Thieke und Biliana Voutchkova.