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11 Oct 2010 - 21:00

11 - A monthly meeting for cracked media & unstable systems

11 is a single-morpheme name. A monthly meeting in which two sound-oriented artists are invited to perform solo sets with a final match as speculative process.

A series of live performances involving modified devices, acoustic situations, handbag electronics, open hardware, custom software and unstable systems.

At September 11th with Jo frgmnt Grys (D) and Olivier Di Placido (FR)


Jo frgmnt Grys (D) is a Berlin based electronic artist. 
Before art: He studied chemistry and other sciences - but then turned his interest towards feedback, oscillation and formation of structures and living patterns.
Grys works with videosnow, radio emissions & electronic machines driven into unpredictable behaviour. He was member of Hugo Ball im kubistischen Kostüm, Nervengrün/frgmnt, noisiV and TOB as feedback projectionist and noise maker. 
At this event you can listen to some of his analog electronic designs:
The miniature synth special noise machine SNU, the jumpstep sequencer, an ultrasonic converter with 70ies remote controls, a ringmodulator and other circuits.
Olivier Di Placido (FR) is a self-taught musician who performs on electric guitar.He's curently living in Berlin.
His approach is mainly focused on the manipulation and the use of each elements of the guitar as an instrument (magnetic pick-up, steal strings, electricity, unscrewed neck...)
By adding few objects to this primitive set up, he's able to create natural distortion, pitch, tremolo, flanger effect.... without using any electronic pedals.
he develops a world of tensions and ruptures with an approach to the guitar that is both minimal and noisy.
As an improviser, he has played on concert with many musicien as well as solo performance in Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, Sweeden and Italy.