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After nearly 15 years, this website is being decommissioned. For a while, this old version will still be reachable, but it will no longer show reliable information about events at ausland,
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  • Experimentelle Dichtung und Musik aus Schweden und Berlin

  • Festival für Dichtung – Musik – Performance
    50 Jahre EMS Stockholm

  • „Acousmatic sound is sound one hears without seeing its originating cause-an invisible sound source. Radio,phonograph and telephone, all which transmit sounds without showing their emitter are acousmatic media.“ Michel Chion,Audio-Vision,1994

  • It's always the same in July and August: The sun shines bright, Berliners finally turn into somewhat friendly people - it could be the perfect summer... but ausland, one of your favourite venues in town, is closed due to "summer break", or however they call it. Not this time!

  • biegungen presents: irtijal berlin 20/21
    The International Festival for Experimental Music in Lebanon (and Berlin)

  • Dec 10th -15th @ausland, Sophiensale and

    Concerts, Performance, Lab, Radio

  • [en] The Inaugural COMPASS festival of music and art opens proceedings with a dialogue between Beirut and Berlin in the realm of sonic and visual arts.

  • Counterflows is a new series of festivals exploring international networks of underground music. This first festival takes place across London, Berlin and Glasgow from 6th-15th April.

  • Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr! - Metaphrasen des Religiösen

    Ein Festival im Advent, veranstaltet von ausland und Sophiensaele 


    Echtzeitmusiktage ist eine Produktion von in Kooperation mit Sophiensaele, ausland, Festsaal Kreuzberg, St. Elisabethkirche und Naher Oster mit finanzieller Unterstützung von Hauptstadtkulturfonds & Pro Helvetia.