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Hyoung-Min Kim

27 Jul 2020 - 10:00
7 Aug 2020 - 10:00

What is history? What is postcolonial? How can we understand the time, when the colonial wounds still engender an effect and an affect?
Can we speak about the experience and pain of others which happened in different times and spaces through other bodies? What can we speak? And what cannot be spoken? If we hesitate to say something, is it a cowardly excuse or some other expression of respect?
Beyond those questions, the body itself feels, remembers, and experiences history. This work is based on the trust in the sensibility of body, which can feel, understand, and be connected to others through the body. In this sense, we think about the term “Hapticality” by Fred Moton and expand the idea that hapticality might be a way to reach an actual practice of decoloniality.
This is the journey from questioning to finding our own answer about the meaning of history and the way of decolonizing. At the same time, this is an invitation to the unmediated encountering.

Concept & Performance: Hyoung-Min Kim Video Art: Hyun Tae Lee
Dramaturgie: Sang Hwa Nam