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21sunsets ausland@HKW

1 Aug 2021 - 18:00

We're happy to have also this years collaboration with HKW 21 sunsets
The line up will be:

6pm Loser Mage
6.45pm Aemong
7.30pm The Auslanders

Tickets can be purchsed at the HKW website:


Loser Mage
For over 10 years Loser Mage is wandering through Berlin’s musical underground. Shape shifting in sound and form — as a label founder, solo artist, illustrator, band member or organizing shows as part of a collective. The current iteration explores the spiritual power of wandering in solitude (absent from mankind) engulfed by all other living beings — chanting without voice to find resonance and to dissolve into the ethers that are life, at best.
Musical influences are drawn from everything that creates these feelings: space jazz, Japanese folklore, afro beat, abstract electronics, noise, a guitar played alone in the woods etc.
Loser Mage is to lay down in the moss and to dissolve completely.

Based and formed in Berlin,Aemongis comprised of members Henrique Uba and Yu-Ching Huang;
from Brazil and Taiwan respectively. Their sound distill elements of  minimal synth, industrial and dub,
whilst not prescribing to any particular genre. Starting in 2015, they put out one self released ep and 2 lp’s  through Tokyo's Diskotopia,
and played over Europe, Taiwan and Japan.
Last album “Crimson”, was released last year and shows their skewed post-punk,
reductionist industrial, and fragmented krautrock sound,
immersed it in a more augmented variant of the psychedelic blend of scuzzy electronics and hyperreal obliterated Sherwood-dub
that was bubbling under the surface in their first offering.

The Auslanders
We invited 5 musicians for a new formed band for this night, fpor lack of a named called it "The Auslanders" .-),
members are Experimental guitarist Julia Reidy, composer and double bassist Lisa Hoppe,
songwriting improviser and drummer Mariá Portugal, writing artist and trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj and Datashock member Ruth Maria Adam on violin