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Andrea Belfi

born 1979

Andrea Belfi has been playing drums since the age of 14. He studied art in Milan and has been working in the experimental music field since 2000.

In his live set AB faces the audience with an essential drum set, surrounded by synthesizers, a loop station, some contact microphones, an harmonica and two small-size speakers.
The acoustic elements and the electronic ones mingle, intertwine and sometimes switch places: the acoustic sounds are treated as they were electronic, and the actual electronic ones are played at the very moment.
Rhythmic patterns go beyond the mere beat as AB shapes them in cycles, ever-circling but ever-changing, both reassuring and surprising.
A careful preparatory work, which consists in a previous and much reflected upon selection of emotional scenarios, allows the live set to be spontaneous and to “live the moment”, definitively avoiding any over-conceptualization. AB main achievement is the building of “proper” songs through a radical improvisation rather than through the use of fixed and codified elements.