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Andrea Lange

Andrea Lange was born in Jena and studied Fine Art at the University of the Arts in Berlin with Rebecca Horn until July 2009. In her audiovisual installations and performances she explores the meaning of technology in relation to our fragile world. Working with mechanic and electrical devices and materials spaces open up that are continuously changing and so directly connected to a sense of physical transcience.

Also known as AA..LL, in her experimental sound collages with self built electronics and taped reality she responds to the movement of body and mind, affected by our rushing era.

„fake leaves“ is one of the recent improvised pieces that transport daily sounds found in different parts of the world. I think about circled nature, the need to communicate and love, destruction and big hope. But - no computer music.
You are invited to get lost in ... mental journeys.

AA..LL played at international festivals like WRO 09 (Wroclaw,PL), re:new (Copenhagen, DK), transmediale.10 (Berlin, DE)... as well she was performing at Loos Foundation in The Hague (NL), Laznia Art Centre in Gdansk (PL) and at Goethe-Institut in Dhaka (Bangladesh)...

AA..LL / Daichi Yoshikawa / Michelle Yom

29 Mar 2013 - 20:30
29 Mar 2013 - 21:00

Andrea Lange
self built and circuit bend instruments

Daichi Yoshikawa
Daichi Yoshikawa - electronics

Michelle Yom
Amplified flute/speakers