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Beyond Beyond

1 Jul 2021 - 18:00
1 Jul 2021 - 22:00
graphic design by Mitchell Gilbert Messina


beyond beyond is a temporal space for sound to meet different surfaces and contexts.  surfaces that listen, absorb and reflect. 

what is told, what is heard, what activates active listening?

through varied sonic approaches and engagements, a listener asks, “what is beyond beyond?”


with live concerts at Petersburg Art Space on July 1st 2021 (on the river) and with listenings, screenings and soundings on July 2nd and 3rd at ausland.



JULY 1st at Petersburg Art Space / 18h


DJ set by Hatam


PLAGUE! by Mars Dietz

“Show me a plague, and I’ll show you the world!” Larry Kramer exclaimed in one of his final pieces written before his death on this day last year. Kramer spoke, wrote, and shouted about AIDS and against AIDS stigma for nearly his entire life. He railed against denial - denial of illness, denial of death, and the denial of the very responsibility that comes with our sheer proximity to one another. He knew that our porosity is as deadly as it is vital, that intimacy is holy because it can kill you. He begged us all to act like it. Plague! is a live set that works with publicly available recordings of Larry Kramer’s voice to create sound compositions that sustain his ever prescient message from one pandemic to another. Using synthesizers. found audio and field recordings in emotional and musical arrangements, Plague! soundtracks the grief that is the wellspring of love, and the love that is the source of grief.


mess and mass:  dispersion of subjectivity by Hacklander/Hatam

Elusive efforts towards a realization of dynamic autonomy in order to achieve eventual practical implementation of meta-jurisprudence. (The intelligent always remain uncertain.) Interested in the depth of radical material heteronomy and the self as highly constructible and therefore de-constructible, Hacklander / Hatam create powerful and moving works based on sound. 

With a background in molecular biology, Farahnaz Hatam is a sound artist, composer and specialist DJ who works primarily with SuperCollider, a platform for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. Colin Hacklander is an avant-garde percussionist, drummer and composer, with a background in post-tonal theory and electronic music.





July 2nd and 3rd at ausland / from 14h - 19h


Screenings (every hour on the hour) by Simnikiwe Buhlungu


No Day Off (AKA The Official Scoh’ For The Film Which Is Yet To Exist):

After their mother leaves early to work on a weekend shift, Letšatši receives one task for the day: don’t forget to take the chicken out of the freezer. After spending the day alone at home and being easily distracted by this freedom and daily going ons, the realization of their mother coming home and impending trouble sets in.



Listenings by Gretchen Blegen


Watch for water! are listenings that resonate with a river and its downstream.  (the absence of a mouth).  spending time with the Rio de las Animas Perdidas, a landscape that is both familiar and haunting to my body and lungs, I watch and listen for water.  with an emphasis on language these listenings engage with tellings, re-tellings, slippages, translation and telepathy echoing past imaginings and re-imaginings of Place and context. segments of the listenings will be presented in ausland, sediments will be further developed into guided audio walks in September 2021. 

Remote Viewing Reports (a telepathic channeling exchange) were developed in close exchange with and written by Catalina Insignares and Carolina Mendonça,



Soundings by Hila Lahav


Backbone Flute: Sketches for future resuscitation | for flutes, pipes and help


For all of you, whom I fancied or still do,

Treasured like icons in my soul’s catacomb,

Like a glass of wine on a festive toast

I am raising a skull full of verse.


- Vladimir Mayakovsky | Prologue from Backbone Flute 1915

(english version: Fani Schwarz)


Hila Lahav is a musician and a writer, currently living in Berlin.  She plays flutes, pipes, tubes, winds and other hollow vessels, writing in mother tongues and translating into them.


Media Partner:  Digital in Berlin 

Gratitude and Appreciation:  this event has been made possible with the kind support of Initiative Neue Musik e.V. Many thanks to the team who made this possible and were supported in various steps – to  Kirbie Bennett, Kathleen Chen, Ally Eden, Catalina Insignares, Carolina Mendonça, Mitchell Gilbert Messina, Michael Rosen, Isaac Rivera and Nara Virgens, as well as to ausland, PAS, and Vierte Welt.

Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.