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Carlo D. Valyum: Cronovisione Italiana // + guests

26 May 2018 - 20:00

Carlo Domenico Valyum: "Cronovisione Italiana" live
(released on Undogmatisch, 2018)
- interpreted live as A/V-performance by Mirco Magnani -

support performances:

Makoto Sakamoto live

Marta Zapparoli live


Doors 20:00, concerts 21:00
| 8 EUR

CRONOVISIONE ITALIANA's concept is a space-time journey by the researcher, experimenter, inventor, Carlo Domenico Valyum, through the TV media since its invention. Graduated in engineering and born in Turin at the end of the nineteenth century.
Mirco Magnani and Valentina Bardazzi are the conductors and curators of that research on sound and video reprocess, presenting a creation from reanalysing excerpts of cult Italian television broadcasts in a collection of nine audio/visual tracks.
After years of constant work on the development of his machines in February of '37, Carlo Domenico manages to intercept anomalous audio/video electromagnetic waves. This important finding will be all that remains as a real testimony to his enormous work as a researcher and inventor. No other documents or inventions, to provide evidence of Carlo Domenico's realisations, have so far come to light; including his much sought after secret diary and personal notes
Since 1939, news of him has become evermore a mystery. Some documents testify to his presence in various places at the same time, creating a sometimes confused map with many question marks but confirming his ability of physical and temporal bilocation,
At the end of August 2014, in Berlin, the existence of the briefcase containing the material intercepted in 1937, recorded on to VHS in the 70s, is casually discovered. And what is immediately clear is that Carlo Domenico Valyum in February 1937 had intercepted and further recorded electromagnetic waves coming from future Italian television broadcasts over a period of time between 1976 up until December 9, 1989, the day before his alleged death.
To date, all the documents are filed together along with the analogue copy under the title Dossier Carlo Domenico Valyum“.
Makoto Sakamoto is a Japanese artist who was born in Japan. His father is a stage lighting artist.He grew up wandering around in the back stage of concert halls, civic halls and theaters where his father worked. As a teenager, he played drums, guitar and bass guitar in a heavy metal bandand a hardcore band, and then eventually became a vocalist. In his 20s, he was a MC of poetry reading in which he playing music based on hip-hop and bass music. In his late 20s, he became a vocalist again in an electronic music unit Sub Human Bros (SHB) that his little brother Yutaka and he founded together. He realized he has a huge curiosity about sound and acoustic quality. SHB expresses melodious melody composed by his brother and he discovered the value of this kind of sound around 2012 as a mixer. In 2016, he started his own solo project. While he was learning techniques of equipment, such as a synthesizer from Yutaka, he
started to compose his own sound. The original sound that he has now is built from his
understanding of sound and spatial expression of theater or lighting that he accumulated since a
child, the expression of music through playing instruments, and the experimentation with mixers
and voice in establishing SHB. He is now about to release his original sound.
Marta Zapparoli is a prolific and active Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, and musician. She works and lives in Berlin since 2007. Her sonic work is developed by self recorded sound from the external world using a wide of devices, microphones, antennas, radio receivers, detectors, with out borders and many unconventional technique.
She is interested on the boundaries and relations between acoustic ecology, man-made-noise, radio waves phenomena, radio nature (VLF), wireless communication. With all the recordings she capture around the world, She builds strongly narrative and imaginative sonic pieces through live improvisation with real-time tape manipulation.
From 2009 She is a member of the 24 pieces “Splitter Orchester” in Berlin and she is involved in many different projects. She performed in Festivals all over Europa and Turkey, U.S.A, UK...playing with many highly regarded musicians and bands.
is an obsessive selector with a focus on industrial sounds, breaks, wave and wayward old school. She preaches emotional mixing, highs and lows, being existential on the dancefloor and delving into the unknown. A contributor to The Attic magazine and part of the soundsystem.