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Clara Hill + Hanno Leichtmann /// Infinite Livez

14 Mar 2015 - 21:00
Clara Hill © Andrea Vollmer / Infinite Livez © Henryk Weiffenbach

(Berlin - Tapete Records / Sonar Kollektiv)
+ Hanno Leichtmann
+ special surprise guest |
...verwehter minimaler Indie-folk von getupften Elektronika getragen!

(Berlin/UK - Big Dada)

...aftershow: Digital in Berlin & friends!
Doors 21:00, Start 22:00 | event @ facebook

[en] Born in East-Berlin, Clara Hill did her first musical experiments on an East German Triola, a plastic guitar and a small plastic piano, while always playing by ear as she never learned to read music. After 3 albums on berlin´s Label Sonar Kollektiv, Clara now, on her latest album "Walk the Distance", returned to her childhood inspirations – sound and nature – to combine them with the musical knowledge she has since accumulated. She also draws upon fresh musical inspirations gathered over the past few years, including Broadcast, Meredith Monk, Boards of Canada, Linda Perhacs, Cortney Tidwell, Tim Hecker and Ben Frost. "Walk The Distance" sounds like a disorientating blend of Folk/ Psychedelic Folk, experimental electronica and rock/ indie, at times both familiar and otherworldly, earthy and ethereal. She performs together with multi-instrumentalist and producer Hanno Leichtmann aka Static who produced a big part of "Walk The Distance".
[de] Nach vier Jahren kehrte Clara Hill 2013 zurück - mit ihrem neuen Album "Walk The Distance"! Nach drei Alben auf dem Berliner Label Sonar Kollektiv folgte zuvor eine langjährige musikalische Pause, in der Clara sich auf frühere musikalische Einflüsse rückbesann. Ein Bruch musste her, Grenzen sollten fallen - so sollte es bei "Walk The Distance" nicht um glatte Produktionen eines Albums gehen, sondern um unverschleierte Experimente, um Authentizität und um freie Ideenentfaltung. Wichtig dafür war auch ein neues Umfeld. Multiinstrumentalist Hanno Leichtmann zeigte sich schnell begeistert von Hill´s Songskizzen und produzierte einen großen Teil des Albums.
Live-Konzerte spielen beide im Duo - bezaubernd, magisch und manchmal sogar halluzinogen, an manchen Stellen vertraut, an anderen ungewohnt, reist Clara Hill mit Hanno Leichtmann durch abstrakte Klanglandschaften, um dabei sowohl Zuhörer alös auch sich selbst neu herauszufordern.
"Lost Winter" - official video

[en] Infinite Livez (born 1972 in Bethnal Green, East London) is an MC and artist with a wide range of influences from such diverse sources as P-Funk, Sun Ra and Surrealism. His first album "Bush Meat" was released on Big Dada Records in 2004 to immediate critical acclaim in the UK and abroad. 2007 saw the release of his second album "Art Brut fe de Yoot" (Big Dada) and a collaborative project with the Swiss electro jazz outfit Stade. Recorded over a series of improvised sessions it has been recognised as a unique achievement in experimental Hip Hop. The follow up album entitled "Morgan Freeman's Psychedelic Semen" was released in 2008. At the beginning of 2009 the live album "Live At La Guinguette", again recorded with Stade and guest vocalist Joy Frempong, came out of a residency in Geneva. His recent recordings include "Warehouse Music" (Exotic Pylon / 2011) and "@ Glockenbachwerkstatt" Tapeworm / 2012). Infinite Livez has performed the UK and all over Europe including at events such as Montreux Jazz, the North Sea Jazz Festival and The Sonar Festival.
Infinite has also worked with a wide range of other producers and musicians including David Murray, Jahcoozi, Nils Peter Molvar, Elliot Sharp and Kid Acne. He has supported artists such as Kool Keith, Anti Pop Consortium, MF Doom, Mulatu Astatke and Gold Panda. As a visual artist Infinite Livez has also worked on a variety of other projects like making comic books, animations, prints and illustrations (for magazines such as Hip Hop Connection and The Wire). In July 2009 Infinite had his first solo exhibition "Salvador Dali Was Half Bengali" at Pebbledash Gallery in London where he presented a series of madly surrealist silkscreens referencing the aesthetics of old school comics, Japanese woodcuts and Hans Bellmer. In September 2009 he took part in the group show "7 Styles for 7 Brothers" at Archipelago Art, Scheffield. Recently Infinite launched "Glorious Mono", his own weekly 1 hour radio show on Reboot.FM in Berlin.
Live @ Stubnitz