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Cristian Vogel: "Eselsbrücke" - record release gig

26 Jun 2013 - 21:00
Eselsbrücke album cover

two solo shows:

Cristian Vogel (live) presents his new record "Eselsbrücke" (SubRosa).

Plus: Hanno Leichtmann (live) -  Minimal Studies

Doors 21:00h, start 21:30h. 7 EUR. presented by ausland & Liebig12.

Cristian Vogel is a composer, music producer and artist specialising in experimental electronic music, club culture and sound art. This concert is the premiere performance of his forthcoming album, "Eselsbrücke", pure computer music composition.

"With a little etymological research, we find out that Pons Asinorum, latin for
“bridge of asses” or “donkey bridge”, is the name that has stuck for Euclid's fifth
proposition in Book one of his

Find out more about the background of the "Eselsbrücke":

Hanno Leichtmann will play the setup of his Minimal Studies-project.
Under the unassuming title of „Minimal Studies“, electronic musician Hanno Leichtmann investigates the remnants of the minimal music movement of the 1970s and catches some of its still audible echoes. Pop-minimal music; meandering chord/rhythm loops, experimental turntable manipulation basslines, it’s all there: Steve Reichs asynchronous patterns, Pole’s minimal dub, Nic Collins’and Yasunao Tone’s broken CD players, Terry Riley’s organs, Oval’s systemische clicks’n’cuts, LaMonte Young’s drones, Michael Nyman’s early film scores...

Minimal Studies on youtube and soundcloud.