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Crys Cole

CRYS COLE is a sound artist that works and performs solo and in collaborative improvisation settings. She works predominantly with contact microphones, minimal signal processing and no-input mixing board.
cole's approach to sound emphasizes subtlety and discretion, guided by a fascination with microsonics that test the limits of audibility and intentionality. By drawing attention to the texture and delicacy of minimal sonic environments, cole aims to create a heightened sense of awareness not only of the sounds she creates, but of the environmental sounds that arise during listening - and ideally, of the listener’s own self-consciousness as a perceptual body and agent as well.

She has collaborated with musicians; Keith Rowe, Oren Ambarchi, Massimo Pupillo, Christof Kurzmann, Jeffrey Allport, Magali Babin, Kai Fagashiski, Julie la Rousse, Sam Shalabi, Christine Senaoui, Clare Cooper, Roger Tellier-Craig, Joshua Stevenson, Rinus van Alebeek and Alexandre St-Onge amongst many more.

Duo Crys Cole / Seiji Morimoto

14 May 2011 - 21:00
Duo Crys Cole / Seiji Morimoto

Crys Cole - no-input mixing board, contact microphones
Seiji Morimoto - electronics

Im Zusammenspiel der beiden Künstler in einer minimalen Duo-Konstellation treffen die unterschiedlichen künstlerischen Positionen und In