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die flora floriert

alte huete -

die finanzkrise begann mit florida-rolf. er hat alles verprasst.
seitdem folgt alternativlos schlag auf schlag:

Fri, 12. June 2015 - 20:30
RichardScottLightningEnsemble JonRose BobOstertag
biegungen im ausland

Richard Scott Lightning Ensemble + Jon Rose – violin (as guest)
Richard Scott – modular synthesizer / David Birchall – guitar, electronics / Phillip Marks – drums, percussion
Jon Rose – violin, Data Violin
Bob Ostertag – Aalto synthesizer, gamepad - OUTDOORS!

Sat, 13. June 2015 - 20:00
hot hands and ears to the ground

An evening of experimental sounds and performance with Pedro Lopes (turntable percussion, PT), Bill Baird (musician & writer US) and Stefan Brunner (guitar & electronics, AUS)

This evening combines contemporary and improvised music, a live action public access television opera and collaborational performances.

Doors: 20:00, start: 21:00

Sun, 14. June 2015 - 11:00
Hayward Tuning Vine workshop

Microtonal tuba player Robin Hayward joins ausland for a one-day introductory workshop on the recently developed Hayward Tuning Vine interface for Just Intonation.

Sat, 20. June 2015 - 20:30
Sonoscopia / Tisha Mukjari and Sabine Ercklentz

An Evening with Sonoscopia (PT) / Tisha Mukjari and Sabine Ercklentz

Doors - 20:30h / Start: 21:30h


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