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Dog Dimension + The Sticky People / Delmore FX

1 Oct 2021 - 20:00

Dog Dimension
Josefine Lukschy – bass, vocals
Alexander Meurer – guitar
Immo Philipp Hofmann – drums
+ The Sticky People
Elena Kakaliagou - french horn
Rieko Okuda - grand piano
Sicker Man - cello
+++ double release concert & sextet debut +++

support: Delmore FX

Doors 20:00, Concerts 20:30 | 8-10 EUR
Tickets an der Abendkasse (die Kapazität ist reduziert, bitte rechtzeitig kommen)
tickets at the door (capacity is limited, please arrrive early)
+++ please scroll down for info on Covid-19 precautions +++
@facebook | presented by bohemian drips

The Berlin based power trio Dog Dimension invites for a special night featuring The Sticky People-ensemble, adding Elena Kakaliagou, Rieko Okuda and Sicker Man to the band. As a sextet, they’ll premier both re-interpretations of their latest release „Endless Summer“ (July 2021, bohemian drips) and a brand-new single featuring all six musicians on tape.

True to the motto „Nur das Triple zählt“, this will be a night of celebrating two new releases and the debut of the „Sticky People“ ensemble, expanding the band’s classic bass-guitar-drums setup by grand piano, cello and french horn, adding an unexpected twist to an EP that is roaming through alt-metal territory in its original version – live on stage, for the first time ever! Besides the freshly pressed vinyls of „Endless Summer“, you can also get your hands on the new cassette including a „Vamilienfater“ rework.
Support by Berlin’s No.1-Enfants Terribles, Jealousy Party!

Covid-19 Information:
Wir freuen uns sehr, wieder veranstalten zu können und werden weiterhin Vorsicht walten lassen. Deshalb bitte einen negativen Covid-Test  mitbringen (nicht älter als 24h, kein Selbsttest), einen Impfnachweis (mindestens 15 Tage alt) oder einen Genesungsnachweis (min. 28 Tage, max. 6 Monate alt).
Bitte im Innenraum Maske tragen. Bitte füllt / füllen Sie am Eingang die Covid-19 Dokumtationsliste aus. Während der Veranstaltung wird maschinell gelüftet.

Covid-19 Information:
We are very happy that we are open again but see lots of reason to stay cautious. Therefore, please bring an actual Covid-19 test (not older than 24h, no self test) or vaccination proof (minimum 15 days old) or a proof that you overcame Covid-19 (min. 28 days, max. 6 months ago).
Please wear a medical mask inside and fill in the contact list at the entrance. Our air condition is running during the event.

- Kindly supported by Musikfonds e.V.
by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM),
as part of the Neustart Kultur recovery programme -



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