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Sound artist, composer, video artist based in Berlin
Born 1982 in Taranto (Italy)
Ezramo works in the field of experimental music, crossing the boundaries between sonic poetry, performing arts, interactive installations and video art.
Her works include compositions for dance-theatre, film soundtrack and site-specific installations, that were shown at art galleries and multidisciplinary spaces, theatres, clubs and festivals in Europe (Milan, Stuttgart, Berlin, Strasbourg, Cologne, Warsaw, Palermo...) and USA (S.F. Bay Area, Los Angeles)

B.A. at the State Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan Master Degree in Performance Art at the State University Ca' Foscari Venice
Guest Study at the Intermedial Arts Departement of the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and at IUAV Architecture University Institute Venice

Trophies - Alessandro Bosetti, Kenta Nagai, Tony Buck + Ezramo

5 Jun 2010 - 21:00
Trophies: Kent Nagai, Alessandro Bosetti, Tony Buck

Trophies:  Alessandro Bosetti - Stimme, electronics, Text/Sound-Komposition, Kenta Nagai - Fretless E-Gitarre, Shamisen, Tony Buck - Schlagzeug

Ezramo: „Come ho imparato a volare (How I’ve learnt to fly)“ – Komposit