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Gilles Aubry


Gilles Aubry is a Swiss sound artist based in Berlin. Informed by researches on cultural, material and historical aspects of sound production, he uses location recordings, audio archives and interviews to create live performances and sound installations. His works typically explore the relational and reflexive qualities of sound and listening while questioning problematic aspects of cultural representations.

From 2010 to 2012, Aubry has been a guest artist of the Global Prayers research project, focusing on the use of audio-amplification technology and the emergence of new urban religious identities within neo-pentecostal communities in Kinshasa. In 2013, he has been an artist-in-residence in Mumbai researching and documenting material aspects of sound production in the Bollywood film industry, which led to the realization of the movie Notes via Soundscape of Bollywood premiered at the Marseille International Documentary Film Festival 2014. Together with Zouheir Atbane Aubry created the installation And who sees the mystery for the 2014 Art Biennale in Marrakech, presenting elements from their research about the return to Morocco of the Paul Bowles collection of traditional Moroccan music. Aubry’s latest book/CD publication The Amplification of Souls is available on

Aubry is also a member of the Errant Bodies Space in Berlin, a musician in the noise band MONNO and has released music on labels such as, Winds Measure, Cronica Electronica, Gruenrekorder, Universinternational and Absinth Records.



FASE 2015 / Ernesto Estrella / Gilles Aubry

18 Apr 2015 - 20:00
18 Apr 2015 - 23:59
Ernesto Estrella

Ernesto Estrella will perform "The Insider"

Gilles Aubry will perform "Nice Rain – a soundscape of intentions"

This Concert is Part of the festival FASE 2015!