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Giulia Vismara

Giulia Vismara

Giulia Vismara’s experimental research is focused on electroacoustic composition, sound installations, music for performances and live electronics. She is particularly interested in the action of listening and spatialization. Her sound works were performed in Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Canada. She holds a degree in musicology from Bologna University and a master in electroacoustic composition attended in Florence and Den Haag Conservatory. Currently, as a PhD researcher at IUAV, Venice, she is investigating the mutual relationship between architectural spaces and sound.

Eavesdrop Festival day 2

17 Nov 2017 - 20:00

EAVESDROP FESTIVAL - exploring how digital cultures have fundamentally altered our experience of both music and the world


Giulia Vismara (IT)
Browser Ensemble
Du Champ (IT/DE)
Biblo (TR)

Sigourney Skywalker will close the night behind her turntables