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Tom Arthurs (trumpet and flügelhorn, EN)
Miles Perkin (contrabass, CA
Yorgos Dimitriadis (drums and percussion, GR)

‘Tom Arthurs, Miles Perkin and Yorgos Dimitriadis first met in Berlin in the summer of 2009, for a jam session from which they had only negative memories. Far too many notes, much too loud, too cluttered, too unsettled – in fact everything that they subsequently agreed their music shouldn’t be.
At their first concert in July 2009 it was already a different story. There, the basic elements of their music were in already in place, those elements that were to be developed in the concerts that followed.
The music of the trio comes directly from the multitudinous musical experiences of the three musicians, and is totally freely improvised without any predetermined thematic guidelines. For these musicians it’s about a coherent group music: no solos with accompaniment, rather a closely interwoven network of equal instruments. Each musician takes care of balancing action and reaction, playing and listening. It’s about a variety of changing, finely nuanced sound-colours, and intensity at low volume. A music that exudes calmness, relaxation, serenity and openness. There are no dogmas, no prohibitions and no taboos. The pieces almost always begin with a clean slate, with a silence from which acoustic structures are carved like sculptures. The musicians are simultaneously performers and listeners, allowing the music space and finding surprise in whatever comes into being between them.
To listen attentively to this trio is a special pleasure, akin to reading a book or seeing a film. The difference being that the bystander is first-hand witness to the entire creative process. Simultaneous idea and realisation.’
Klaus Kürvers,Berlin, 11th February 2011.


Foils + Glue + Lehn/Kaufmann/Lillinger

12 Jan 2013 - 20:30

Thomas Lehn - analogue synth + Achim Kaufmann - piano + Christian Lillinger - drums; Foils: Frank Paul Schubert - soprano saxophone + Matthias Müller - trombone; Glue: Tom Arthurs - trumpet, flugelhorn + Miles Perkin - contrabass + Yorgos Dimitriadis - drums, percussion;