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Hatsune Kaidan/OliviaPils/ HulaHutandTheSevenSeas

14 Nov 2015 - 21:00

 FAKE mistress

Intimate Industrial Ballads
As a multimedia artist, Olivia Pils aka Fake Mistress seeks non-verbal, intuitive forms of expression in her installations, which include music, light and everyday objects.

As a singer and music producer, the Berlin artist layers her at times fragile, sometimes voluminous vocal lines and combines them with noisy orchestral samples and harsh noise. Her live sets are dynamic processes, where expressive passages are met with heavy industrial beats.

Hula Hut and The Seven Seas
Hawaiian Vibes from Berlin
The Berlin Hula band Hula Hut and The Seven Seas sounds more Hawaiian than any Hawaiian Hula-export and is also much better dressed.

The quintet has perfected a serious renaissance of Hula from the 20s and 30s.revives the great musical tradition of Hawaii, which of course includes steel guitar, ukulele and singing in the traditional Ha’i style. Aloha!

Sebastian Müller (acoustic/electric steel guitar)
Patrick Arp (ukelele, flattop acoustic guitar)
Taylor Savvy (parlor acoustic guitar)
Yuko Matsuyama sings in the unique Hawaiian ha’i style (and also plays ukelele)
ken apua´a accompanies on acoustic bass.

Hatsune Kaidan
Hijokaidan with singer Hatsune Miku
The figure Hatsune Miku, in turn, was developed by illustrator Kei as a commission by Crypton Future Media as part of a marketing campaign for the software synthesizer Vocaloid2. The Manga character was presented to the public as the face of a superhuman voice for the first time in 2007.

In 2008 Miku Hatsune became the first synthetic pop icon and received the Seiun award in the open category. Hatsune Kaidan combine the best the aesthetics of crude, handmade noise and synthetic Bonbon Pop.


Mo Loschelder & Martin Dieselhorst

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