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Hayward Tuning Vine workshop

14 Jun 2015 - 11:00
14 Jun 2015 - 18:00
Roy Taylor (Rijksakademie Amsterdam)

Microtonal tuba player Robin Hayward joins ausland for a one-day introductory workshop on the recently developed Tuning Vine interface for Just Intonation.

Just Intonation is the system of microtonal tuning based on whole number frequency relationships, and is the acoustic basis underlying such musical intervals as the perfect fifth and major third, as well as less common microtonal intervals such as the septimal minor seventh and neutral sixth. Through colour-coding and spatialising the harmonic relationships, the Hayward Tuning Vine allows them to be explored intuitively, enabling them to be seen as well as heard. It therefore makes Just Intonation more accessible to people who might otherwise be put off by its apparently abstract and mathematical nature, and provides an ideal introduction to the theory and practice of microtonal music.

Minimum qualifications
Some basic knowledge of music theory would be advisable, and either some competence on a sustaining pitch instrument or a willingness to use the voice to tune intervals. By far the most important factor though is a strong desire to learn about microtonality and willingness to try stuff out together with the other participants.

What to bring
• instrument or voice
• headphones
• laptop computer with free copy of Hayward Tuning Vine software downloaded from after registering and receiving the licencing email

Participation fee
60€, which includes a free copy of the Hayward Tuning Vine software. Upon registering participants will receive an email containing a licence to download the full version of the software.

Please preregister by sending an email to with the subject line 'Ausland workshop 14.06.15'. Any questions concerning the workshop should also be sent to this email address. The maximum number of participants is 12, and the minimum number 6. Please register by June 13th at the latest.

Workshop details*

Session 1, Sunday June 14th, 11:00 – 14:00
TheTuning Vine as an introduction to Just Intonation.
• demonstration of connection between ratios and musical intervals for prime
numbers 2, 3 and 5
• significance of prime numbers for Just Intonation
• notation cards: colour notation, ratios, cents
• 'Flowers' versus 'Grapes' view
• number boxes and transpositions
• MONO / POLY modes
• Options, Master Volume and parameter controls
• working up through prime numbers 7 to 23
• undertone row as mirror image of overtone row

Session 2, Sunday June 14th, 15:00 – 18:00
The Tuning Vine as a practical aid to tuning in Just Intonation.
• tuning 'Pythogorean' intervals: octaves, fifths and fourths
• tuning 'Ptolemaic' intervals: major and minor thirds and sixths
• significance of octave positioning for tuning intervals
• locating common overtones on the Vine when tuning intervals
• challenge of playing Just Intonation on acoustic instruments
• tuning septimal 'blues' intervals
• tuning 'prime-limit 7' chords based on prime numbers 2, 3, 5 and 7

* This plan is meant as a guide only and the actual workshop may deviate from it to some extent.

Language / Sprache
This workshop will take place in English. In case you are interested in attending a workshop in German, please contact

Dieser Workshop findet auf Englisch statt. Falls Sie Interesse haben, an einem deutschsprachigen Workshop teilzunehmen, bitte schreiben Sie eine Email an


Robin Hayward is a tuba player and composer. Over the years, he has introduced revolutionary playing techniques to brass instruments, initially through the discovery of the ‘noise-valve’, and later through the development of the first fully microtonal tuba in 2009. In 2012 he invented the Hayward Tuning Vine, partly out of a desire to visualise the harmonic space implicit within the microtonal tuba. His approach to the tuba has been documented in the solo CDs Valve Division, States of Rushing and Nouveau Saxhorn Nouveau Basse, along with various collaborative releases. He has collaborated with musicians such as Charles Curtis and Roberto Fabbriciani, along with composers such as Christian Wolff, Alvin Lucier and Eliane Radigue. In 2005 he founded the ensemble Zinc & Copper Works with the aim of exploring brass chamber music from an experimental music perspective.