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Hitomi Ueoka

Hitomi Ueoka is a Japanese paper artist/sculptor based in Berlin.  Interlacing the subtlties of texture, weight, color and form, Ueoka takes a 2-Dimensional surface and creates a graspable world.  Varying from Installation to Dance Performance to Outside Happenings, the diversity of her work is displayed in many contexts and realities and allows practice to meet presence on occasion.  

Cirriculum Vitae 

Education:  Joshibi University of Art and DesignKanagawa, Japan master’s degree holder (2006)

 2013   solo exhibition “Papier das Wein trinkt, Joachim Rong WeinGalerie, Berlin, Germany

2012  group exhibition “JAPONEEEZE MAYONEEEZE, Galerie Knoth & Krüger, Berlin,Germany

2010   group exhibition” Washi-ten, Stage Yu,Tokyo, Japan

2006  exhibition Hitomi Ueokas Japanese paper 2″ Gallery Zen, Kanagawa, Japan

2005   exhibition “MINIATURE” Gallery Ivy,Kanagawa,Japan

2004  exhibition Hitomi Ueokas Japanese paper 1art cottage Papyrus, Kanagawa, Japan

2004  exhibition “Five-Women” Japan Center for Cities Gallery Ryokudo, Tokyo, Japan

2004 The work grand-prix of Japanese paper Competition2″ Nagano,Japan

           Reciever of prize for a fine work

2003 The work grand-prix of Japanese paper Competition2(Nagano,Japan)

           Reciever of an encouragement prize

2003  “National Japanese paper competition”(Aichi,Japan)

Winner of paper contest

Mountain Furrow

4 Dec 2013 - 21:00
4 Dec 2013 - 23:59

Skulptor - Mensch Raum. 

Eine Muschel kommt zum Leben, zerbrechliche Formen und Gestalten versuchend. 

Geöffnet ab:  21h;  Beginn um:  22h