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Hobocombo & guests

29 Jun 2012 - 21:00

Hobocombo is a Moondog tribute band, featuring:
Andrea Belfi  (drums, percussion and voice)
Rocco Marchi (guitar, synth and voice)
Francesca Baccolini (double bass and voice)

They re-interprete some of Louis Hardin's pre-minimalist tunes, canon based songs and his odd snaketime rhythms with drums, double bass, electric guitar and voices.
The result are beautiful and hypnotic songs, with a contemporary psychedelic feeling.

For this event at ausland they will have very special guest musicians from the Berlin area:
Simon James Phillips (piano)
Nicholas Bussmann (cello)
Christopher Williams (double bass)

Johnny Chang (Violin)

Doors open at 9 pm, concert starts at 10 pm. 7 EUR.

see and listen to Hobocombo here.