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Insub Meta Orchestra & Splitter Orchester

24 Nov 2016 - 20:00
24 Nov 2016 - 23:59

Splitter Music Festival presents over eighty globally networked artists in four large scale programs of Music-Mining.

Codes of Conduct unites the Berlin-based Splitter Orchester with the Insub Meta Orchestra (IMO)
based in Geneva, Switzerland. This first collaboration is conducted by Sabine Vogel, leading a unique Soundpainting Orchestra performing Vogel's new composition Pando. To prepare the audience's ears and minds for this dazzling experience of creative collectivity, IMO kicks off the Splitter Music Festival with various new works expanding the notion of silence.

8pm: Insub Meta Orchestra (IMO)
Various New Pieces (2016)

with: Anna-Kaisa Meklin (Viola da Gamba), Antoine Läng (Voice), Anouck Genthon (Violin), Béatrice Graf (Percussion), Bruno Crochet (Electronics), Christian Neff (Violin), Christian Müller (Clarinet), Christoph Schiller (Zither), Christophe Berthet (Saxophone), Cyril Bondi (Percussion), d’incise (Electronics/Percussion), Dorothea Schürch (Voice, Singing Saw), Dragos Tara (Double Bass), Eric Ruffing (Electronics), Fred Minner (Bass), Gérald Perrera (Double Bass), Hans Koch (Clarinet), Ivan Verda (Guitar), Jamasp Jhabvala (Violin), Luc Müller (Percussion), Maxime Hänsenberger (Percussion), Patricia Bosshard (Violin), Raphaël Ortis (Electronics), Rodolphe Loubatière (Percussion), Sébastien Branche (Saxophone), Simon Bolay (Guitar), Steve Buchanan (Saxophone), Teresa Hackel (Recorder), Vinz Vonlanthen (Guitar) und Yann Leguay (Electronics)

9.30pm: IMO//SO plays Pando (UA, 2016)
with: The Insub Meta Orchestra (same line-up as above), as well as Anat Cohavi (Alto Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone), Biliana Voutchkova (Violin), Boris Baltschun (Analog Synthesizer, Computer), Burkhard Beins (Percussion), Chris Heenan (Contrabass Clarinet), Ignaz Schick (Electronics, Turntable), Julia Reidy (Guitar), Kai Fagaschinski (Clarinet), Liz Allbee (Trumpet), Mario de Vega (Objects, Electronics), Marta Zapparoli (Reel to Reel Tape Machine, Electronics), Matthias Müller (Trombone), Michael Thieke (Clarinet) und Simon James Phillips (Grand Piano)
Composition and Conduction: Sabine Vogel