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Iwazu Mo Gana

28 Feb 2020 - 20:30
copyright by Iwazu no Mogana

Iwazu Mo Gana

door 20:30  start : 21:00 


Iwazu Mo Gana

Iwazu Mo Gana is a Berlin based experimental Japanese sound & visual project from 2014,and for this night, they have invited all of their collaboration together with Synth DrumTrigger, Djambe, Butoh Dance, Qanun(Arabic instrument), Shamisen(Japanese traditional Instrument), Koto(Japanese traditional instrumemt) and Japanese contemporary dancer and they will play experimental theatre.

Its started as an experiments to mix Traditional and Experimental performance by Taishi Nagasaka (ex-Fat White Family,DJ ONONiiONIONIION,Jaguar No Me,Cozmik Onion Express), Kiyoshi Fujikawa (Tau,Fujin Raijin) in 2014.Taishi manipulate/trigger the Djambe by his analog synths and play his voice,and Kiyoshi plays soulful Djambe. Generally they play with Qanun player, Shingo Ali Matsuda and Butoh Dancer, Yoshihiro Shimomura.

Taishi Nagasaka (Analog Trigger,Electronic,Voice)

Kiyoshi Fujikawa (Djambe)

Yoshihiro Shimomura (Butoh Dance)

Shingo Ali Masuda (Qanun)

Shiomi Kawaguchi (Shamisen)

Lieu Lin-Siedler (Koto)

Fuka Nonaka (Contemporary Dance)