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Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest is an electronic musician working in a variety of forms. His sample-based music has been a pioneering force in the experimental music community, and he has been credited as being a pioneer in the emergence of the Breakcore genre. Currently he has 3 active musical projects. As "Jason Forrest" he continues his sample-pop music and is in the final process of completing his 5th full-length album to be called "Friday Night's Alright." It's a light-hearted party-album continuing in the vein of his critically acclaimed album "Shamelessly Exciting". More news on this as plans are confirmed. With "The Jason Forrest Band" he joins Ethan Shaffner and Elisabeth King to form a post-funk/hiphop-prog rock power trio. They have been touring a lot, and are now working on new material for their debut recording. After ripping up a bunch of parties and mini-Dj sets @ Wasted (more on this below) Forrest brought back the time-tested "DJ Donna Summer" moniker. With this hat on, he focuses on party-style breakcore, some rock/pop and hybrid hard-dance/party music. It's a lot of fun! Jason Forrest currently resides in Berlin with his wife Jen Ray. He has released records in the US, UK, EU, and Japan. He has been featured in many periodicals* all over the world. Somehow he has played on 4 continents and many, many shows around the world garnering him a large international audience along the way. His live shows involve much bad dancing, possibly some blood, and a few shattered laptops. The fantastic War Photographer video by Joel Thrussell was named video of the year by Res magazine 2006, and top 5 by Pitchfork media. We think (conservatively) it's been downloaded about 500,000 times! The "Steppin Off" video directed by the legend Jon Watts was also named video of the year by Res magazine, 2005. He began the Cock Rock Disco label in the summer of 2001 and also is host of the Advanced D&D radio program on WFMUfm, in NYC. In 2005 he co-founded the Wasted festival with Pure and in conjunction with Club Transmediale. To date they have thrown 5 editions in 2 countries with more parties to come. The focus for the festival focuses on breakcore and all the other forms of music that shares the same energy and reckless enthusiasm.


27 Apr 2006 - 22:00

blindsnakesssss : Ignaz Schick (turntables), Aaron Snyder (drums), Jason Forrest (laptop, shouts) ["just fck sht up anyway"] + Drescher : Konrad Wilde (guitar, drum), Christinal Ertl (bass, dance) + Jan Zimmermann und Meik Sülzle aka

the assdroids share the stage

17 May 2007 - 22:00

live: - The Assdroids (Berlin/Denver) - Bruno and Michel are Smiling With Skipperrr (Hamburg) - Iron Bitchface (Canada) + dj jason forrest and special bröckel show! ausland welcomes you to this premium night of enjoyment!

The Return of John Frum

29 Nov 2008 - 21:00

Jason Forrest (USA/Berlin, Cockrock Disco)
Robotic (Freak Camp/Berlin)
Bizzy Bossy (Dead Slow/Berlin)
Astroturf Homegrown (Berlin)
Rev. Mugglestone and the Mugglestone Jubilee Singers (USA/Berlin, Valis Records)
Lumen Intellectuale (DJ Peng!/Berlin)
Bröckel (Berlin)
DJ Elvis Voodoo King (Berlin)

Gebirge - Record Release von Guido Möbius & Gäste

9 May 2009 - 22:00
Guido Möbius am Klavier

Record Release Party mit Guido Möbius und den Gästen Vert, Jason Forrest, DJ Marc Richter, DJ Strobocop

Statt intimem Klang: Nur mit Gitarre, Trompete und einer Batterie von in Reihe geschalteten Eff

PUTTY HILL Baltimore Club Premiere Party

17 Feb 2010 - 22:00
Donna Sommer, Sick Girls & DJ Fett at PUTTY HILL

Matt Porterfield's PUTTY HILL Baltimore Club Premiere Party with DJ Fett (Planet Rock, Bomb Mitte), DJ Donna Summer (Nightshifters, Birthday Party Berlin, Cock Rock Disco), Sick Girls