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Jerzy Mazzoll

Jerzy Mazzoll, polish clarinetist born in 1968 in Gdansk. He started playing the clarinet at the age of 8 inspired by the works of such great contemporary Polish composers as Lutoslawski and Gorecki. Founder and leader of several music groups. Composer of film and theatrical music. Creator of the theory of "Arhythmic Perfection". His music, often classified as the New Improvised Music, explores uncharted territories of harmony, rhythm and melody. His musical quest includes trash jazz, freak ballads and cage songs.
He co-operated, among others, with such musicians as Django Bates, Peter Brotzmann, Jon Dobie, Alfred Harth, Kazik, Peter Kowald, Vytutas Labutis, Jeffrrey Morgan, Tony Oxley, Olga Szwajgier, Tomasz Stanko, Tymon Tymanski, Olo Walicki.
He creates also multimedia installations and is the author of avant-garde films. At the beginning of the 90′s he was associated with a multimedia gallery Delikatesy-Avantgarde, according to “Polityka” one of the most interesting galleries of 1994 in Poland.

Berlin im Quadrat: Sonar Quartett & Defibrillator

31 May 2014 - 20:00
SonarQuartett, © all rights reserved by Piotr Bialoglowicz Photography

Susanne Zapf,Wojciech Garbowski: Violinen
Nikolaus Schlierf: Viola
Cosima Gerhardt: Violoncello
and special guest Olaf Rupp: Guitar
Sebastian Smolyn: E-Posaune
Artur Smolyn: Elektronik
feat. Maxime Hänsenberger: Schlagzeug
and special guest: Jerzy Mazzoll
doors 20:00, start 21:00