Joke Lanz / Ute Waldhausen

11 Mar 2011 - 21:00
11 Mar 2011 - 23:00


110311 :  Joke Lanz (Sudden Infant) / Ute Waldhausen (Ushi Hupe)


Born in Switzerland, but now based in Berlin, Joke Lanz (aka Sudden Infant) is one of the most prolific and profound artists working in the border zones where performance and body art meet Improvisation and Noise. In his Sudden Infant guise, Lanz creates a unique blend of physical sound poetry and epileptic noise bursts, using contact microphones, loops, tapes etc. The result is an extreme form of musique concrète that juxtaposes spasmodic gibbering with a battery of disorienting electronics.



born in East Germany 1972. she  lives and works as a sculptor, performer and musician; basically in Berlin.
She is part of the electro-trash-cabaret project 'Parabelles' and collaborates as her alter ego Ushi Hupe in different contexts. Her work often describes a distributed self in the geography of physical experience.



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