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Kate MC Cabe 2018 film night

21 Nov 2018 - 20:00
Kate Mc Cabe

Kate McCabe (Los Angeles)

start 20:00 door 20:30

For the second time at ausland, presenting new material!

Originally from Philadelphia, Kate McCabe is a filmmaker and artist who founded the art collective Kidnap Yourself in the desert near Joshua Tree, Ca. Her films have traveled the globe since 1995 in various film festivals, galleries and the occasional guerilla drive in, all culminating in the release of Sabbia, a feature length visual album she produced, shot and directed for musician Brant Bjork. When not making films or chasing lightning storms with her camera, Kate makes books and paints a curious marshmallow with a "gold toof". Her sketch comic "Mojave Weather Diaries" is a hilarious and humble observation of life in the desert and is now into the fourth of the series. Professionally, Kate has taken her MFA in experimental animation from CalArts and wasted it on occasionally teaching film at UCSD, working as an executive chef, and working with some of Los Angeles' most talented independent filmmakers and animators. Some of her work is available through the collective's website :, but please note the site is outrageously out of date because Kate keeps spending her money on trapeze classes.