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Kazehito Seki

Kazehito Seki is a Voiz (Organic Voice Noise) performer who seeks for the sharpest sound by running about between Noise (Abstract / Nerves) and Hardcore (Concrete / Muscle). Kazehito belongs to a particular scene in Japan, influenced by hardcore music, subculture, and what a western would see as Tokyo's sonic ghetto culture. Kazehito's approach to the voice as an instrument demonstrates his flexibility, oscillating between subtle sinewaves and brutal white noise in a microsecond, like so:

For more than 10 years, Kazehito has been fusing his voice with
electronic noises. Then in 2012, joined in a Voiz group called Toyko
Voiz Choir organaised by William Tokuhisa, and toured in Korea with his two bands: Omawarisan and Ameri B.C. Nowadays, besides his solos and various bands, he collaborates with various kinds of artists including musicians and dancers. He also teaches training and keeping the voice safe, because after all -- the voice is and was (always) the primordial instrument.

film_Animation // Kazehito.Lopes // Brener&Schurz

18 Sep 2015 - 21:00
18 Sep 2015 - 23:59
Capitalist / Terra Cotta Ricotta

Short Film


an animation film. 18 minutes. made in 10 days. by 5 people, with 2 cameras, 1 laptop, no budget. 

from lea lanoe, camille rocher, pierre borel, myle chabert, alex dumont (production kk19>>)



Kazehito/Lopes duo

Kazehito Seki, voice
Pedro Lopes, turntables



Alexander Brener, Barbara Schurz


Funny and mysterious presentation of the great apocalypitcal picture book of the same name by Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz, rhapsode and minnesänger.