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Klaus Kürvers

Klaus Kürvers

Klaus Kürvers, born 1950 in Essen (Germany), doublebass studies 1964-68 among others with Peter Trunk. During the late sixties member of the Essen Youth Symphony Orchestra and also at the same time of different amateur Jazz groups ("Free Jazz" since 1967); 1969-71 in Cologne with the Jazz-Rock-Group "Eiliff" (w/Rainer Brüninghaus). Interupted 1971-2006 his public music activities for his studies and professional scientific career as an architect and cultural historian in Berlin. Since 2006 resumption of his musical activities as part of the Berlin improvisers' scene. Performing bassist again since 2009.

PIANOS: Bariletti+Hubweber/Zoubek+Sassoon/Kürvers

14 Jan 2012 - 21:30

Special Piano Night:

Jürg Bariletti - prepared solo piano: knitting needles special

Paul Hubweber - trombone
Philip Zoubek - prepared piano

Julie Sassoon - piano
Klaus Kürvers - double bass