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Linefollower robot race!

28 Jun 2014 - 12:00
28 Jun 2014 - 23:59

Karl-Heinz Jeron is back at ausland, this time he's a Robot Race Bookie!

Build your own Line Follower robot from the most affordable electronic parts and let your robot take part in the Line Follower robot race competition.

A Line Follower is a simple machine that follows a line, either a black line on white surface or vise-versa.

There will be a workshop, a betting office and a variety of race courses … and hey, it’s open hardware. Take part, build a robot, make a bet and have fun.

No previous skills are needed.

12:00 -> 16:00: Workshop (Participation fees: 25€)

Bets on robots start at 1€

Doors for the robot race will open at 20:00
Music before, in between and after races kindly provided by [tmp 5-7]

More information:

Registration to the workshop: melodie(at)