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Liz Allbee, Takako Suzuki and Pär Thörn

24 Apr 2015 - 20:30


To contain the seep, damn the liquid brick beavers. 

Animals raised from the oceans and constructed tools.

Working, working, working, working.

Working working they never cease their modular imaginings, 

producing even in still waters the need to breach.

The empty island as a utopian projection.

Jumping with belly on Robinsonade.


A unique first meeting between three Berlin based artists.

Performance, dance, music, experiments, texts and improvisation.


Liz Allbee is a musician and composer.

Takako Suzuki is a coreographer and dancer.

Pär Thörn is a writer and musician.



This project was supported in the frame of the series: Place Ryhthm.  Pulse im ausland in April 2014 /// A perfomance series with a focus on music, movement and performance.