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Maja Osojnik / Shasta Ellenbogen

17 Nov 2018 - 20:30
Maja Osojnik by Heinz Bayer, Shasta Ellenbogen

Shasta Ellenbogen – viola, violin: solo recital

Maja Osojnik vocals, electronics: Let Them Grow

Shasta Ellenbogen grew up in Canada and moved to Europe in 2005. She was a prizewinner at international classical music competitions in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada. Parallel to her classical career, she is also a composer and improviser, and is active in the free-jazz and experimental music scenes since 2011. Lately she has worked on an elaborate solo programme, which she now presents for the first time. It's a solo concert bridging the gap between new music, jazz and improv with compositions by György Ligeti, Gérard Grisey and Shasta Ellenbogen.

Maja Osojnik's first solo album Let them grow is an “anthroposophical striptease of the soul, between dystopian chansons, primordial mantras, and musique concrète—both timeless and masterful”. It's the product of a retreat, an introspection, a re-alignment. Maja Osojnik asks about the self, asks whether it is possible—beyond the fundamental impossibility—to be understood. She asks about the things people do when they love others and about the things they suppress. What does it mean to live an emancipated life today? In this very personal album, Osojnik examines the strange phenomena of contemporary interpersonal relations, with songs that range from dirty to soft, sensual, dazed, complex, cold, spherical, poignant, and feminine.

“What else can come? Maja Osojnik and her stunning album Let them Grow. This partly continues where my dearest forgotten John Zorn alumnus Mike Pathos left off a decade ago. Or where Annette Peacock would go on to make a Tarkowski soundtrack without a Tarkowski movie.” (Spex, Diedrich Diederichsen)

Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa
Presented by Digital in Berlin

Doors: 8.30 pm
Concert start: 9.00 pm

Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

digital in berlin