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Maria W Horn

Born in the north of Sweden, Maria W Horn is a composer of contemporary electronic music with a main focus on synthesis. Her work ranges from purely electronic multichannel pieces and installations to audiovisual works and collaborations with dancers, soloists and ensembles. After completing the music program at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with an exchange year at UdK Berlin Horn is working on multiple projects in Sweden and Germany. Horn's music can be described as a collision between painfully slow changing clusters and digital punk, sculpted out of the raw building blocks of electronic music. The music has an intimacy running through it, which is characterized by the pushing of boundaries from one extreme to another. Her main influences are in genres such as digital minimalism, noise music and slow changing timbral music, i.e. Drone.

Jonas Kocher Solo & daRocha / Horn

13 Apr 2014 - 20:00
Jonas Kocher solo & daRocha / Horn

Jonas Kocher plays solo compositions for accordeon by Antoine Chessex (premiere), Christian Kesten (premiere), Stefan Thut and Alvin Lucier

daRocha / Horn: Maria daRocha: viola, Maria Horn: live electronics