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Meetings Im Ausland

3 Apr 2016 - 19:00
Meetings im Ausland

Henrik Olsson (SE) - percussion
Axel Dörner (DE) - trumpet

Helena Persson (SE) – guitar, electronics
David Sabel (SE) – guitar, electronics
Ben Lauber (DE) - electronics

Katt Hernandez (SE) – violin
Burkhard Beins (DE) – percussion

Linda Oláh (SE) – voice/electronics
Andrea Neumann (DE) – electronics

doors: 19:00, beginn 20:00

With the close proximity to each other, musical exchange between the cities of Gothenburg and Berlin has been fairly frequent over the years, with musicians from Gothenburg doing the odd gig in Berlin and musicians from Berlin sometimes playing in Gothenburg, but for the first time Ausland now hosts a concert entirely with music performed by musicians both from Gothenburg and Berlin.

„Meetings im Ausland“ is a collaboration made with both swedish and german funding with swedish musicians/composers from the Gothenburg area and german musicians/composers based in Berlin offering the best of both worlds.

Initiative Neue Musik e.V.