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Melody Panosian Saki

Melody Panosian Uppsala/Sweden 1982. Stockholm - Visby - Amsterdam - Berlin
Warrior Princess from Fairylands

Immigrant working in versatile ways and circumstances, most often in collaboration. Currently living and showing work in Berlin. Recently performing in Rob List projects in Holland.
Started making musique concrete/idm/psychedelic/kraut rock and riot samba in the suburbs of Stockholm. In that same time I started djing as Dj Greta on various political events.
Found obsession in sound synthesis and noise to become more crucial during dance/choreography studies at GDU on the island, Gotland. Parallell with Danish butoh camps during holidays. Dance/music collaborations with composers: Marcus Wrangö, Jacob Svartengren, Daniel Karlsson with events in the Botanical Gardens incl: Anna Olsson, Rasmus Streith, Edda Magnasson, Peter Larsson.
Produced and hosted a weekly radio program. Then a year of film studies in Gotland University - still Gotland - but mostly hanging out with the coolest people on earth: Animators!!! Co produced music/dance with composer Julius Chmielewski danced for Ljudvågor 2007 and made noise album New Masters with Daniel Karlsson which is still not released.
Then grew a longing to get out of the island for higher studies. Media culture project in Rovaniemi/Finland.
Dancing with the devil took me to a year of theatre studies in Amsterdam - city of confusion total - at the School for New Dance Development. |||

nullen und einsen - A film premier and evening of entertaining math and science experiments

24 Apr 2009 - 19:00
24 Apr 2009 - 23:10

Nullen und Einsen: A film premier and evening of entertaining math and science experiments.

We will present

*the mathematic Musical "Nullen und Einsen" by Catalina Jordan,Christina Shirley and David Winnerstam,

* &quot