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MoHa! - a dynamic duo; Morten J. Olsen: drums & SuperCollider3, Anders Hana: guitar, keyboard, drummachine
According to BBC online: MoHa! offer a kind of arhythmically funky heavy metal musique concrete, sourced from electric guitar, drums and a laptop.

MoHa!/Olaf Rupp solo

19 Oct 2007 - 22:00

MoHa! -Anders Hana (guitar, obsolete electronics, a pallete of effect pedals) -Morten J. Olsen (drums, triggering a multitude of noises from each skin and cymbal using custom built software) + Olaf Rupp (e-guitar) solo

fire&ignorance / activity center

7 Mar 2009 - 22:00

Fire&Ignorance (MoHa! + Hayosh/Vahtra)
Idan Hayosh - lamps
Anu Vahtra - lamps
Anders Hana - guitar/keyboard
Morten J. Olsen - drums/electronics

Music and lights, amps and lamps. A high-den