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Monika Brooks

Monika Brooks

Monica Brooks hails from the mountain tops of the western plains, primarily focusing on the relationship termites have to astronomical phenomena such as the aurora australis. Monica is often found playing few notes in slow succession on the piano accordion in West Head Project, Splinter Orchestra, Mayas/Altman/Brooks Trio, and made Z grade celebrity status in the band formerly known as Ubercube. She also amuses herself with radios and guitar pedals in a trio with Anna Vo and Nadene Pita. Monica on occasion delves deep into the superficial habitats of indie music as a perpetual novice of the piano and computer, and thoroughly enjoys a good yodel with other beer-swilling slags around the Sydney sub-tropics. Monica has made a number of attempts to transform into an artist/sound sculptor, and used to spell her name with a ‘k’ to appear more exotic.

Great Waitress + Daniel Puig: Nàrwal

18 Jan 2014 - 20:30

Great Waitress: Magda Mayas – piano, Laura Altman – clarinet, Monika Brooks – accordion

Daniel Puig – live-electronics, sensors: Nàrwal