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Mukra / Osis Krull / Tarentatec - EURODANCE Tour

25 Feb 2010 - 21:30

Mukra / Osis Krull / Tarentatec - EURODANCE Tour


Osis Krull

From the still here rather unknown planet Osis Krull these four intergalactic Bollos have run aground on strange planet earth trying to reach after a possibility to return home. It's almost too easy to classify the musical style of Osis Krull: It seems they got stuck in between Jazz, Rock, Country, Postrock, Doom, Porno, Stoner, Latin, Math, Pop, Metal and Schlager, so you better remember this melange going by the name STARKROCK. (discoporate records)



Rising from hypnotic sessions, a motley collection of different song structures evolves. In the diverting to epic songs of Tarentatec you can find elements of postrock, stoner, noise, psychedelic, elektronika and jazz, which they interweave intuitively anew. The trio/quartet/big-band oscillates between widescreen sound and minimalism; instrumental short stories and dry rock'n'rolling; snapshot and steamroller. Musical patterns are being reflected by all members – own ways within rock music are being explored. Besides, the way of Tarentatec, if there is any direction, is always a tightrope walk between convention and the unreserved search for freedom. (discoporate records)



Mhh, es ist nicht so cool über sich selbst zu schreiben: wir machen so Math Rock mit Noise und Kopf und Seele ...