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After nearly 15 years, this website is being decommissioned. For a while, this old version will still be reachable, but it will no longer show reliable information about events at ausland,
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13 Oct 2023 - 20:30


Doors 20:30
Start 21:00


Wide range of frequencies from various regions and methodologies encounter at ausland.
All the feedback, oscillation, scream, synthesis, de/programming and de/programming will melt in the vortex of harsh noise.

Moo17 (444,LFZ,Ebe Midwife, G) musician, maker, noisier and sound artist also known as Giorgio Alloatti, founding member of the collective AudioHackLab and Yellows. He creates music by controlling voltages untangling in tangles of patch cables, devoted to creative coding made in puredata, orca and max/msp/gen. Born in Turin in 1984, he has been performing since 2007 treading across half of Europe. He lives by analogical expedients and digital substances. He loves to scream in small black boxes or naked circuits that he builds. His sound moves between drone, harsh noise, ambient, downtempo and breakbeat. He moved to Berlin recently where is running a series of concert called Amorphq and another one called ALGOMISTYCA focused on livecoding performances


Robert Foulcant
spend most of his time doing noise/lärm/bruit. Composer for Music for Intergalactic Elevators.


a shelter to face the paradox of life.
inspired by the futility of humanity.
from dynamic to static cochlear stimulation.
no purpose, no emotions, no ambitions, just pure analog pleasure and total freedom to express nothing at all. everyone's welcome
**not related to kim cascone's poison gas research*


Self Toxication
Noinput vocal chaos