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Elektronisches Hinterzimmer

18 Feb 2005 - 22:00


NQ (progressive

Seltsam & Strahler und 34 andere (source records)

Palac with Moritz

+ DJ 66 kicks

aus weimar mit elektronischer musik und verbindungen zur bauhaus universität in
weimar; u.a. auch experimentelles Radio

nq - info

Born 1977. nq is a project by nils quak who lives in dortmund, germany. After
playing drums in several punk and hardcore bands in his teens and his early
twenties, he gained more interest in electronic music and soon started
producing with his computer in 2001. his sound is defined by minimal stuctures
and sonic richness. You can throw in buzzwords like glitch, clicks &cuts or
laptop-music, but buzzwords are just buzzwords and none of them are sufficient
enough to describe the sound of nq. Just imagine walking around in your city
with your walkman, minidisc or ipod aand your favourite tune playing and the
volume set so low to barely hear the music through the dense sound of urban
noise. He released an album on progressive form called ‚nq – recording syntax’
in autumn 2003 and participated on the second progressive form compilation
‚froma 2.03. besides that he released two eps and contributed tracks for
several compilations on the german netlabel and did a remix for
retinascan for a ralf siemers remix project. He also has a project running with
teamforest called beth kleist.

palac with moritz fehr - info

Palac is Peter Prautzsch. Since 1998 he's been involved with electronic music
creating some sweet drones like, click'n'cuts sounds, setting focus on found
sound, fieldrecordings and classical fragments. He's currently working for
Kitty-Yo in Berlin, recordes new material and works as a dj. With H.Walcher
(nd.effect) and M.Hirsch (deer) he started the "Elektronisches
Hinterzimmer" late 2003. (full information: Mortiz Fehr studies media-design at
Bauhaus-University, Weimar and currently works in Los Angeles, USA. (full
information: In 2003 Fehr and Prautzsch first recorded an
electronic composition at I-Camp/ Neues Theater, Munich working only with
samples from theKeith Jarret's Cologne concert.