Mark Vernon + Barry Burns

20 Feb 2005 - 22:00

planet rock präsentiert:



Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist, musician and radio
producer. He makes soundtracks, installations and live performances as
well as releasing recordings of his own work. He was a founding member
of Glasgow’s pirate art radio collective, ‘Radio Tuesday’, who set up a
community radio station and broadcast innovative mixes of art and music
in Glasgow and Helsinki.
He has produced numerous programmes and features for radio stations
including ‘WFMU’, ‘Resonance fm’, New Media Scotland, ‘Radio 101’ and
the BBC. ‘The Derby Tape Club’, a programme about amateur tape
recording enthusiasts in the 60’s and 70’s, was broadcast on BBC Radio
4 in 2004. A newly commissioned programme for New Media Scotland’s
‘Drift’ festival, ‘Evelyn’s Request’ will be broadcast and streamed
from the N.M.S. website in the near future.

Vernon is also one third of the trio ‘Hassle Hound’ who have records
released on Pickled Egg, Textile and Twisted Nerve; they have played
extensively throughout the U.K. and in France.

Mr. Burns has a layman’s ear.

Vernon & Burns have previously recorded and performed together as Boy Band Tax Returns.

An LP of music and sound works by Vernon & Burns, ‘The Tune The Old
Cow Died Of’’ is to be released on Gagarin Records this year.

Vernon & Burns – “The Tune The Old Cow Died Of”

This is a collection that will appeal mainly to the absent-minded coterie. All the sounds of fun and fear are here.

File under vaudioville, variete concrete (NB! – variete should have
accent acute over the last ‘e’ and accent grave over the first ‘e’ –
sorry I don’t know how to type them), documentary forgery, unsound art,
whorespiel, blunderphonics, (not of this) world music, imaginary
soundtreks, unimaginative soundtracks, lower case, lower class, lower
quality, lower prices hurry hurry now while stocks last !!!

Selected Discography:

2004 - Mark Vernon – ‘Thirteenth Colony Sound’ CDR
2004 - Hassle Hound - ‘Applachian Listening Post’ MP3 EP available through Twisted Nerve website.
2004 - Hassle Hound – split 12” with Sun (Textile)
2003 - Hassle Hound – ‘Anvil Stamping’ split 7” ‘Twisted Nerve’ collector series.
2003 - Boy Band Tax Returns – ‘The Right To Be Lazy’ CDR
2003 - Hassle Hound – ‘Scaring the Grass in the Garden’ 10 “ mini LP (Pickled Egg)
2003 - Zoë Irvine & Mark Vernon - Vestiarium Scoticum CDR
2002 - Mark Vernon - ‘Hubbub’, Parisian Soundscapes CDR
2002 - Radio Tuesday – ‘e.g. Sometime Instant’ CD (various artists)
2001 - ‘Boy Band Tax Returns’ CDR
2000 - ‘A Tonal Aviary’ CDR (various artists)
2000 - Vernon & Burns - ‘The Christmas Naivety Scene’ CDR
2000 - ‘Sum of Parts’ 7”


2005 - Vernon & Burns – ‘The Tune The Old Cow Died Of’ to be released on Gagarin Records.
2005 - Hassle Hound - ‘Limelight Cordial’ CD/LP to be released on Pickled Egg.

A live collage of field recordings, abstract electronics, found sounds and lost voices.