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tokunaga solo + kainkwatett

16 Mar 2005 - 21:30

masahide tokunaga

Masahide Tokunaga solo - alto saxophone
Axel Haller - bass
Torsten Papenheim - gitarre
Antoine Chessex - saxophone
mehr über das Label "schraum" wie auch über die Musiker des Kainkwatetts kann man unter

Kurzbiographie von M. Tokunaga:
Tokunaga was born in Yamaguchi city, Japan, on December 21st 1982. When he was 14 years old, he was strongly impressed by the concert performed by Ichiraku Yoshimitsu, Sachiko M, and Otomo Yoshihide. Yoshimitsu was born and is living in the same city as Tokunaga. In the same year, he began to play the Alto Saxophone. During the first few years, he studied saxophone by himself. For two years from 2001, he studied saxophone under a professional saxophonist of classical music. He is listed in the magazine “Improvised Music from Japan EXTRA 2003,” published 2003.
In March 2004, He played solo at "Phonomena" weekly organized by Dj olive and Toshio Kajiwara, NYC; and played duo with Barry Weisblat at Quakebasket NYC.
In May 2004, He played at ISSUE project room in NYC with Barry Weisblat.
In the end of May to June 2004, he toured Japan with Anthony Guerra and Joel Stern.
In August and October, He played in Busan Biennial exbition in Korea.
Japan-Improv-Sampler 2003