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Rishaug / Pure / Forrest

18 Mar 2005 - 22:00
alexander rishaug

Alexander Rishaug is a sound artist and electronic musician based in Oslo, Norway.
A member of the country's fertile experimental music scene, Rishaug has toured throughout Europe and the US and appeared on compilations on the Rune Grammofon, Jester and Smalltown Supersound labels. His first full-length, the critically acclaimed Panorama, was released in 2002 by Smalltown Supersound.
Moving from ambient to abstract beats and classic clicks and cuts, Rishaug's second release, Possible Landscape, explores tones and textures creating detailed, rich and melodic soundscapes. Based on recordings of self-played instruments and field recordings that were then edited and processed on Rishaug's computer, Possible Landscape straddles a perfect middle ground between structure and rhythm with unexpected skips and random shifts.
The Wire schreibt"… a careful alternation between chaos and predictability, fuzzy clicks, mildly overdriven, yet uneasily hushed shifting chords, and Oval-like uneasy ambience."

Pure has been working primarily in the field of abstract listening music and performance since the late nineties. He has also been djing and producing various styles of electronic music since 1991.
In the beginning, PURE, under the influence of the then innovative energy of techno, released more than 20 vinyl records of solo or collaborative works on labels like DROP BASS, NETWORK (USA,) and PRAXIS. He also released music on his own labels LOOP, ATMOSFEAR, and SUB|VERSION (a collaboration with Christoph Fringeli of PRAXIS records) which were stylistically  on the harder and darker edge of electronic dance music.
Since his first Mini-CD on the Viennese label MEGO in 1999 he has released approximately 10 albums (including a DVD) on labels like MEGO,STAALPLAAT, and his own label DOC Recordings. He is teaching software programming at the Art University in Vienna and lead workshops at universities such as Oslo Art University.


Jason Forrest used to make music under the moniker 'Donna Summer' (but now is just Jason Forrest). He has released records in the US, the UK, and Japan.
He has been featured in periodicals such as Spin, Blender, German Rolling Stone, Muzik Express, The Wire, XLR8R, Urb, Crash, Muzik, Trax, The Village Voice, Style and The Family Tunes, Go Mag, Gonzo Circus, Grooves, De:Bug, and Vice.
His music is a combination of many, many styles of music, all edited into a sort of new rock music. His live shows have garnered him a huge international audience, and involve much bad dancing, some blood, and a few shattered laptops.