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Mr. Natural /Tochnit Aleph

23 Mar 2005 - 21:30

Mr. Natural (John Sharp) - selfmade instruments, electronics
Daniel/Tochnit Aleph - playback device confusion

John Sharp (Mr. Natural) has been building instruments since
1994. these simple wooden constructions use guitar pickups and
handmade microphones to amplify combinations of steel wires and
springs. in 1997 the first tree branch instrument was built.
The natural form of the wood determines the placement of the
hardware, placing unique limitations on each instrument.In 2001 John began using living plants in his performances. This
further explores the integration of modern electronics with the natural

John has performed throughout Europe and the United States, both as mr.
natural, and as a member of the duo Blazen y Sharp. His
label GLK, founded in 1994, features several recordings from both