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tara delong (mexico-city)

6 Apr 2005 - 22:00

Tara DeLong


Tara Delong is a performer/rapper/producer currently living in Mexico
Birthdate: December 12th shares birthday with Frank Sinatra, Connie
Francis, Dionne Warwick & Virgin of Guadalupe. Tara grew up in the
country outside a small town in Illinois.
Tara moved to New York City and briefly studied theatre,but her
intrests immediately went to into freestlying. She was urged into
explore music by poet Cheryl Boyce Taylor, mother of Phife Dog of a
Tribe Called Quest.
Tara became TJ Free. This lead to exploration in performances and event
planner extrodinaire.
In New York City she formed the group Bedroom Productions with Paul
Bonomo aka Snax. The duo put together infectious live sets and
happenings in NYC,as well as various underground spots throughout the
world. The duo proceeded to put out 2 Lps “Bedroom Productions” &
Fast Cars,Fast Women” with Khan’s label EL Turco Loco and also a 7’
with Hotel Lotte,Germany. She has also collaborated on projects with
Khan and various other musicians as well.
She was a founder of the PS1 Warm-up series.
She was at the center of the 1999 controversy when she was censored by
the NYPD and forced to canceled her performance titled “Fuck the
Police.” Made the list of Rollingstone’s top censorship issues in USA
in the 90’s.
She released her Spanish single “Soy Machina” on Sony latin America
this past fall.
You Do The Math is a conceptual-bilingual album. It is somewhat a
collection of musical shortstories. Some of the songs are live
freestyle recordings keeping true to her spirit.

+ special guests :::: snax + dancers ::::

+ SICK GIRLS (djs/wmf)



"Recent efforts from Northern State and Fannypack may have brought the
idea back to life, but Tara DeLong - hailing from New York City via
Mexico City - takes the idea of hardcore female rap to the next level.
Here, on her second album, she populates her world with the characters
she met during a sabbatical south of the border, a decision resulting
from what she saw as the increasingly boring insularity of the NY
underground. There is but one voice here, and it’s DeLong’s, but she
plays every character in character, veering in style from bratty
Beastie Girl through lascivious, bootylicious nu-jack-soul diva,
culminating in the Sleater-Kinney does The Slits meeting bored
Shangri-Las in a drive-in that is ‘Silicone Joan’. All life is here,
and what a life it is." Fela Lewis

+ SICK GIRLS (djs/wmf)