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Intr-Version Label Night

15 Apr 2005 - 22:00

Intr-Version Label Night presents:

Jérôme Deuson aka aMute (Belgium)
Mitchell Akiyama (Canada)
Arden (Akiyama, Deuson and Stephan Fedele on the drums)

Intr-Version is Montreal based
label which figures among the leaders in the world of highly
anticipated music. Doing cross- over between experimental electronics,
post-rock and hip-hop, they have convinced the audience that electronic
live act does note mean boring.
Mitchell Akiyama, one of the
most gifted musician of the Canadian scene, has released more than 4
albums on labels such as Raster Noton, Alien8recordings, Sub Rosa and
Intr-Version. He performs unique live shows where everything he does is
made live without pre-recording. The audience participates in the
creation process and understands every minute of it.
aMute is more into post-rock
and use laptop, keyboard and guitars to offer listeners a dense and
wide live show where melancholoc melodies and destrucured sounds cross
the road and the skillful drum of Stephan Fedele making a show a pure
moment of fun and elevation. Jérôme Deuson (aka aMute), who's album "a
hundred dry trees" was critically acclaimed, and Stephan Fedele have
opened shows for Fennesz, Einstürzende Neubauten, Jaki Liebezeit and
more !

After these two performances, aMute (deuson and fedele) will be joined by akiyama to perform as Arden
who release their first album "Conceal" in april 2005. Normally the
band is made of Sogar, Akiyama, Fedele, aMute, Christophe Bailleau,
Jeuc Dietrich and Séabastien Roux. For the tour, our three performers
will present a pared down version of the band with Akiyama on bass and
laptop, Deuson on guitar and laptop and Fedele on the drums.

This night should change your view of "laptop acts" and maybe help you discover one of the most regarded label of the moment.

2 selected critiques:

Amute is Belgian artist Jérôme Deuson and this is his first full length
album and it's a work of astonishing beauty and contemplative
complexity that radiates warmth and maturity. Operating in the same
field of sound as guitar soundform experimentalists such as Akira
Rabelais, Fennesz and Keith Fullerton Whitman but also Mogwai and Gybe,
this album is as fine as any work from that ridiculously talented array
of talent. BOOMKAT

Lots of electronic avantgarde music clouds itself in mystery to raise
its importance and impact. Mitchell Akiyama has nothing to hide. His
beautiful explorations into the voids between classical sounds and most
modern noise are open and bare to scrutinization. Everywhere it is
obvious which sounds have been recorded, which have been mutilated and
which have been grown from zeros and ones completely. But this new
academic step also provides warmth, naturality and emotionality in a
quite big range. The wild, the introspective and the chaotic stand up
to show their grasp on one and the same piece (or rather four pieces).
Akiyama doesn't leave you puzzling on what happened and if you will
ever hear what you just heard again, even if you are still wearing the
same headphones and pressed the replay button right now. The answers
are obvious but the effect is so much more; especially beautiful.